Thermal Imaging – Electrical Surveys

Electrical surveys can identify poor connections, overloaded circuits, failing components or imbalanced loads. Any faults on electrical systems are expensive in terms of plant downtime, damage, loss of production or risk from fire.

We work with many insurers and offer an extremely good value package which ensures compliance with their requirements.

Hot or cold air cannot be detected by the naked eye. Thermal Imaging technology uses a modern infrared camera which has the capability to detect a difference in temperature of less than .08 °C. Thermal Imaging can be utilised in the domestic sector for surveying the building envelope, heating systems or detecting leaks. Eleco provide a thermal imaging survey which is fast, accurate and non-intrusive.

Eleco also specialise in utilising Thermal Imaging for electrical and mechanical inspections in the industrial and commercial sectors as a predictive maintenance tool, by reducing unplanned down-time in detecting a problem, before it manifests into a costly failure.