Fire Alarm Maintenance

Keep your fire alarm tested and properly serviced to maintain protection of life and property

  • Easy transfer from you current supplier/maintainer
  • Experienced technicians giving you honest advice
  • Guarantee of service

To ensure your fire alarm system is fully functional at all times we recommend that you enter into a maintenance agreement. All fire alarm systems should be inspected two - four times a year.

The regular testing and inspection of fire alarm systems to IS3218. Inspections are either quarterly or six-monthly depending on the type of system you have and the environment in which it is installed. Our engineers carry out all tests and inspections required to confirm the correct operation of the system. We also check for changes in the building use or structural changes that may affect the design or effectiveness of the alarm system.

Extension and modification of existing systems to meet changing needs within a property. Improvement and updating of equipment to minimise unwanted and false alarms. All work is completed to our installation department procedures and system records are updated to suit.

We offer true 24/7 emergency engineering services to all our service customers. Out of hours calls are received by a manned alarm receiving centre who take all the necessary details and then pass these on to our duty engineers. If for any reason the duty engineer is unavailable the call will be forwarded to a reserve engineer, supervisor or manager in order to ensure that you receive attention as soon as possible. Where possible minor problems will be resolved by phone free-of-charge. Where an unscheduled visit is required our engineers will attend in a time scale agreed with you – immediately if required!

Where confirmation of a systems integrity or suitability for purpose is required we can carry out complete verification inspections to IS3218 2009. This process assesses the design, installation and maintenance or a system and will identify any shortfall in the system integrity or provide full certification of the system where all aspects are satisfactory.